Home Owner

“I called around and then hired Mike to do our garage clean out because he sounded trustworthy on the phone”
Judith, Brooklin


“As a contractor I use Mike serviced regularly. He”s helped me break up ceramic floors and do dump runs I don’t have time for. Sometimes when doing a reno tear down I put the debris outside and he comes by later to take it away. He is always on time, pleasant to my customers and his prices fit my budget. I highly recommend Rapid Rubbish Removal.”
Rob Duchene, I’ll Fix It Contracting

Contractor waste beforeRob Duchene called and asked me to haul away this construction waste and to leave two bags.

New Property Clean Up

“ Thank you for the outstanding service and great rates to clear years of accumulated junk from the property we recently purchased. We appreciated the speedy response and ‘over and above’ assistance with raking and sweeping up after the rubbish had been removed. We will be sure to use your services again and recommend you to others. ”
Debbie and John Heiser

Renovation Waste Removal

” I was in the middle of a massive renovation and needed to get rid of the waste from the demolition. Having just one pick up truck and too many loads to do with it I decided to give Mike a call. He came by the next day and had my yard cleared in no time. Loved the price and Mike is just a very trustworthy guy. I’d recommend him for any situation. Thanks Mike ”
Tyler Philp from Courtice

Junk Removal And Clean-Up

” Super nice, very calm, very capable. Mike and his crew of one demolished a rotting deck and hauled the scrap away to the dump. Within three hours they were done and the rickety old deck was no more, and the cost was as quoted. Mike is clean, friendly, calm, well-mannered and works non-stop. This is someone you can send to your mom’s to clean out the garage and not have to worry!! He will be on time, finish the job, and the job will cost what he says it will cost. ”
Stephanie R from Oshawa

Garage Clean Out             

” Mike, just a follow up note to thank you for the great service you provided in honouring the Dealfind coupon we purchased online. We really appreciated the quick response to our original call, as well as the fact that you arrived on time and provided exactly what was outlined in the “deal”. You were friendly yet professional and we would not hesitate to recommend your services to others. We will certainly call you again. Thank you for a terrific experience! Please feel free to add this to the “testimonials” on your website. All the best! ”
Dawn Cain

Junk Removal

” Owner was extremely friendly and arrived on time as arranged He was very efficient and got the job done very quickly and with the price we had discussed over the phone. I would definitely recommend him. ”
Shirley in Pickering

Drywall, And Couch Removal

” Mike just finished up removing my drywall and very heavy couch. I called this morning in hoping that I could get his help within the next couple days. Mike was more then helpful and stopped by in the afternoon. Mike was very friendly and very respectful. I recommend Mike, and will recommend Mike to whoever needs junk removal. Not only is Mike an excellent worker the price was very low. Great job Mike! ”
Jason from Oshawa

Junk Removal

” We had an urgent need to clean up the premises and left a voicemail to Mike. It was a weekend and we prepared ourselves for a long wait. To our surprise, Mike responded in a few minutes and we agreed to meet the same day. He came exactly on time, and in 1.5 hours the work was done. His efficiency was tremendous. The load exceeded the original estimate, nevertheless, Mike did not go over his quote (very modest from the beginning). ”
Alex P in North York

Junk Removal

” Mike is fantastic – we were finishing up a move and pretty scattered, he came in and took charge. Even when our load was far bigger than we estimated, he wasn’t phased. I recommend him to all my clients! ”
Catherine Lewis-Brown from Toronto

” Hi Mike I hope you can use this for a blog we want to recommend Mike and his company to anyone looking to have junk removed. This morning Mike removed a very large upright TV cabinet with a picture tube that weight over 100 lbs .We are seniors and unable to lift this item up the basement stairs and have looked for nearly two years to find someone to do the job. Anyone who hires Mike will find he arrives on time and does a wonderful job. ”
Vic and Joyce

Removal Of Old Tube TV

” Mike was efficient, friendly, safety-conscious, and responded promptly to inquiries. The old tube TV was heavy and had to be moved from our walk out basement and up the stone stairs to the front of our house and into his truck. Everything went very smoothly and we will definitely call on him again. ”
Diane from Ajax

Excellent Work And Flexible

” This is the 2nd time we have used Mike. This time he removed our piano. His does excellent work, is flexible and very competitive. Highly recommended and will certainly use him again! ”
Greg from Pickering

Moving, Getting Rid Of Junk

” Mike is great, I have used his services. Also have referred him to a few clients that have used his services and were very pleased. He is courteous, professional and very patient. Especially when move day is approaching! ”
Catherine from Whitby

” As someone who works in the service industry, I know good customer service when I see it. Not only were you on time and a pleasure to deal with, but the work was completed quickly and fairly. I appreciate you pointing out high weight items and giving me the option to disregard or to take care of the removal myself. The cost was also less than I thought it would be. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again, ”

” Mike, Thank you so much for all your help. This means a lot to me hope someone will be able to use the furniture. Thank you, Grazie & Merci for easing my mind.’Have a lovely day. ”

” I feel like winning the lottery, being able to get rid of all these garbage is a load off. Thank you again very very much for the prompt service. I strongly RECOMMEND Rapid Rubbish Removal for their excellent services. My neighbour Anne and Pierre will be calling you. I will have you back once I have another pile ready. Take care, ”
Noeline Ah-Hone

” I am sooo sorry that this has taken me so long to do. I wanted to say that when I was moving my parents out of their house, Mike was an amazing person to help. He went above and beyond the call of duty! He was so understanding and caring toward my parents as they saw their house being torn apart and their belongings sorted. When the movers were finished, I desperately called Mike to see if he would help me get rid of all the garbage – again. It was a Saturday night and there was a hockey game on. Talk about bad timing! BUT Mike came to my rescue and hauled out stuff for me that I could never have done alone. He really was my champion that day! His cost was so reasonable and he is such a wonderful guy, I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Mike for really saving me that day!!! ”
Bev Taylor, Oshawa

Garage Clean Out

” My wife complained enough for me to clean garage. I called Mike he showed up within 2 days and was done within an hour. I am amazed how much space is now available and how kind and considerate Mike was to us. Thank you. ”
Jay & Ronda Evans from Ajax

Cleaning Out The Garage

” My wife complained enough for me to clean garage. I called Mike he showed up within 2 days and was done within an hour. I am amazed how much space is now available and how kind and considerate Mike was to us. Thank you. ”
R Munc from Courtice

” I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Mike@RapidRubbishRemoval.ca for his professional and courteous approach to the removal of rubbish from my backyard. He attended at my home where he provided me with a very reasonable quote and then proceeded to remove a voluminous amount of materials left over from a renovation quickly and efficiently. He even went the “extra mile” and cleaned up the area the rubbish was in with a rake and shovel ensuring that everything was neat and tidy when he was finished. In a time where customer service is non-existent, it was a refreshing change to receive it from him. I would highly recommend Mike and Rapid Rubbish Removal to anyone and everyone who is looking to remove rubbish of any size from their property. ”