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Drywall…call…we haul

Image of drywall remnants piled up and then hauled away.
Drywall cleanup done right by calling Rapid Rubbish Removal

One of the things I really enjoy about what I do is the variety of work and calls we get at Rapid Rubbish Removal. This job was a simple one but required a lot of work and disposing of drywall has it’s twists.

Drywall is heavy, it weighs roughly 2 pounds per square foot.The weight, size and material of drywall make it awkward to carry. In this job we had to go up stairs and across some carpet. We used a tarp to keep the floor clean. We were careful not to break the drywall so that we didn’t have extra dust or bits of drywall floating around. We know the clean shot is a little blurry but you can see that we didn’t just haul out the big pieces we cleaned the floor as well.

You can’t put construction material out at the side of the road for pick up on garbage day. At Rapid Rubbish Removal we follow local, provincial and federal guidelines for disposing of everything we pick up.

When it comes to disposing of renovation waste you can do it cheap or you can do it right right and protect the environment. Call Rapid Rubbish Removal and do it right

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