Weekend Trailer Rental

Rapid Rubbish Removal trailer

                                                                           You load, we haul, you save.

Our “WEEKEND TRAILER RENTAL” service is a great option many people choose instead of having the team from Rapid Rubbish Removal do all the work because you may want some stuff hauled away but for any of the following reasons you may just want to use our trailer…


  • I need to sort through my stuff myself.” or
  • I have stuff in the basement and garage and my storage shed and my spare room. I need time to go through it all.” or
  • as I clear stuff out I need to rearrange the stuff I’m keeping.”
  • I want to go through every thing myself in my own time.” or
  • I want to get rid of my stuff myself but don’t want to make dozens of trips to the dump in my car.” or
  • for any other reason you don’t want the junk removal people going through your house.

At Rapid Rubbish Removal we understand your needs and concerns, to accommodate that we’ve added another service.

We will drop off our trailer and you can load it yourself evenings or the whole weekend.

  • evenings after 5:00 pm and pick it up the next morning by 8:00
  • Friday evening and pick it up Monday morning at 8:00.
  • custom times may be available

Why a trailer and not a bin?

  • The trailer won’t harm your driveway
  • If you sort metals and electronics it will be recycled.
  • Recycling reduces disposal costs

Trailer details:

  • Physical Size – will fit into a standard parking spot
  • Holds over 11,000 cubic yards
  • Holds up to 10,000 pounds
  • Tarps included
  • Can be locked


  • Flat rate plus disposal fee plus hst
  • Flat rate depends on evening or weekend rate. Please call or text 289-356-0088 for pricing.
  • Disposal fee based on weight

The customers who have used this service find it an easy way to get rid of things at their own pace. They also like the savings they achieve because they aren’t paying for labour.

Call or text 289-356-0088 to set up your weekend or weeknight trailer rental.




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