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Garage Clean Out Tip #5

garage Clean Out Tip #5
Garage Clean Out Tip #5

Let’s face it cleaning out your garage can be tedious work and seems to take forever especially when you are sorting small things. By putting the small things in labeled containers as you sort them you only handle each thing once. Putting the containers on a shelf or in a cupboards right away gets them out of your way quickly and makes cleaning easier.

Remember, if cleaning out your garage is a chore you need done but keep ignoring because you are busy you can always call Rapid Rubbish Removal.

Garage Clean Out Tip #4

garage clean out tip #4
Garage Clean Out Tip #4

Garage Clean Out Tip # 4

Put the piles of items you are keeping in separate labeled containers.
Take the items for charity or recycling to the proper facilities…right away (if you don’t do it right away it these piles will continue to grow and you will be right back where you started).
Put the items you are throwing out in garbage bags.
Too busy to do all this? Call Rapid Rubbish Removal.

What a clean garage!

Garage clean out start and finish
Garage Cleaned and Swept

At Rapid Rubbish Removal we often get calls for help cleaning up garages, sheds and basements for estates. We sort, load and haul everything to the proper disposal facility. Rubbish and garbage to the land-fill, recyclables to recycling facilities and reusable items donated where possible. Our goal is reduce, recycle and reuse where possible.

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