Silent Bidders on line auction
Silent Bidders …Online auction

Collectibles, new unused items, interesting oddities…

Tea set
Tea Set

Cups and saucers, cutlery, serving ware, tables and chairs…

Statues, figurines, candlesticks, and candles…

Tools, snow blowers, lawn mowers, tool chests, shelves…

snow blower
Snow blower

Clocks, maps, and radios…

Beth Thomas Wood Clock
Beth Thomas Wood Clock

Pictures, prints, and frames…

Musical instruments, speakers and gear…

Cookware, blenders, pots and pans…

To name just a few of the 213 lots available click here to view at Silent Bidders.

Why Choose Weekend Trailer Rental Versus a Bin?

” The weekend trailer rental was the perfect option for me.I didn’t require help and I didn’t want or need a bin taking up my driveway for an entire week. I also didn’t have the time or energy to rent a vehicle and haul the junk away myself. Having the trailer brought to me Friday afternoon and taken away Monday morning was exactly what I was looking for, and no other waste removal service offers that besides Rapid Rubbish Removal. And being that the bin is also a trailer on wheels, it put my fears of a heavy bin tearing up my driveway at ease.For the setup, price and professionalism, I definitely recommend the weekend trailer rental for anyone looking to do a weekend’s worth of purging like I was. “
Jason Wall

At Rapid Rubbish Removal we have a great service for people who want to save on the cost of having us do the clean out but need to have everything hauled away for them. We rent out our trailer for the weekend. We drop it off late Friday or early Saturday morning and pick it up early Monday morning.

Garage clean out tip extra…

Image cluttered garage equals a snow covered car
A full garage equals a car full of snow

One of the questions I get most often about garage clean out tips is when should somebody clean out their garage. My answer may sound kind of flip but the best time to clean out your garage is when you think it needs to be done.

Picture this…

It’s December.
In December the weather changes and it would be great to be able to put your car in the garage. You can’t because your garage needs cleaning and organizing. You want to but can’t get it done because of the time of year, sports, family and work. What is the best way to solve the problem?

Call Rapid Rubbish Removal.

We will do the work while you use the time to do the things you need and want to.

Image of a cluttered garage and garage cleaned out
Garage cleaned out

Drywall…call…we haul

Image of drywall remnants piled up and then hauled away.
Drywall cleanup done right by calling Rapid Rubbish Removal

One of the things I really enjoy about what I do is the variety of work and calls we get at Rapid Rubbish Removal. This job was a simple one but required a lot of work and disposing of drywall has it’s twists.

Drywall is heavy, it weighs roughly 2 pounds per square foot.The weight, size and material of drywall make it awkward to carry. In this job we had to go up stairs and across some carpet. We used a tarp to keep the floor clean. We were careful not to break the drywall so that we didn’t have extra dust or bits of drywall floating around. We know the clean shot is a little blurry but you can see that we didn’t just haul out the big pieces we cleaned the floor as well.

You can’t put construction material out at the side of the road for pick up on garbage day. At Rapid Rubbish Removal we follow local, provincial and federal guidelines for disposing of everything we pick up.

When it comes to disposing of renovation waste you can do it cheap or you can do it right right and protect the environment. Call Rapid Rubbish Removal and do it right

One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time - We even took out the concrete supports Image showing concrete supports removed
One Step at a Time – We even took out the concrete supports
Image showing One Step At a Time - Steps, posts and landing removed
One Step At a Time – Steps, posts and landing removed

Rapid Rubbish Removal received a call asking if we could tear down some steps because they were taking up too much yard space. We looked at the job and made another suggestion. Our idea was that since we were removing the steps and landing why don’t we take out the concrete supports as well. It was a little more work but the end result was a very happy customer with more yard space. When we look at a job we also look at how we achieve the best result for our customers. Big and small we remove and all it all.

Garage Clean Out Tip #5

garage Clean Out Tip #5
Garage Clean Out Tip #5

Let’s face it cleaning out your garage can be tedious work and seems to take forever especially when you are sorting small things. By putting the small things in labeled containers as you sort them you only handle each thing once. Putting the containers on a shelf or in a cupboards right away gets them out of your way quickly and makes cleaning easier.

Remember, if cleaning out your garage is a chore you need done but keep ignoring because you are busy you can always call Rapid Rubbish Removal.

Garage Clean Out Tip #4

garage clean out tip #4
Garage Clean Out Tip #4

Garage Clean Out Tip # 4

Put the piles of items you are keeping in separate labeled containers.
Take the items for charity or recycling to the proper facilities…right away (if you don’t do it right away it these piles will continue to grow and you will be right back where you started).
Put the items you are throwing out in garbage bags.
Too busy to do all this? Call Rapid Rubbish Removal.

What a clean garage!

Garage clean out start and finish
Garage Cleaned and Swept

At Rapid Rubbish Removal we often get calls for help cleaning up garages, sheds and basements for estates. We sort, load and haul everything to the proper disposal facility. Rubbish and garbage to the land-fill, recyclables to recycling facilities and reusable items donated where possible. Our goal is reduce, recycle and reuse where possible.

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